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When to Start Buying Baby Stuff

When to Start Buying Baby Stuff: Tips for New Parents


As expectant parents, one of the important tasks on your to-do list is purchasing baby essentials.

However, timing is crucial when it comes to buying baby stuff.

Starting too early might result in unnecessary clutter while waiting too long could leave you scrambling to gather everything you need.

So, when is the right time to start buying baby stuff?

Deciding when to start buying baby stuff can vary for different parents, but it’s important to strike a balance between being prepared and avoiding unnecessary stress. Generally, I recommend starting around the 20-week mark of pregnancy.

Dr. Jennifer Miller, a renowned pediatrician and parenting expert with over two decades of experience

Factors Influencing the Decision

Several factors influence the timing of buying baby items, and considering each one will help expectant parents make more informed choices:

1. Financial Preparedness

Assess your financial situation and determine how much you can afford to spend on baby items.

Having a clear understanding of your budget will help you plan and prioritize your purchases.

2. Baby Showers and Gift Registry

If you plan to have a baby shower or create a gift registry, it can influence the timing of your purchases.

Baby showers are typically receiving a significant number of items, you may choose to delay some purchases until after the shower to avoid duplicates.

3. Sales and Discounts:

Keep an eye on sales, discounts, and seasonal promotions offered by retailers.

Timing your purchases to coincide with these events can help you save money.

4. Personal Preference:

Ultimately, the decision of when to start buying baby stuff depends on your personal preferences and comfort level.

Some parents may feel more at ease by starting early and gradually accumulating essential items, while others may prefer a more condensed timeline.

5. Preparing for Multiple Babies

If you’re expecting twins or multiples, your preparation process may differ slightly from those with a single baby.

Ensure you have double the essential items, such as cribs, car seats, and strollers. Research products specifically designed for twins or multiples to make your life more manageable.

Timeline for Buying Baby Stuff

With these factors in mind, let’s explore a suggested timeline for purchasing essential baby items:

Researching and Planning

The first trimester of pregnancy is an ideal time for expectant parents to start researching and planning their baby essentials.

This phase allows them to gain knowledge about various products, compare options, and create a comprehensive shopping list.

It is crucial to consult reliable sources, such as parenting books, websites, and experienced parents, to make informed decisions.

“During the first trimester, parents should focus on educating themselves about baby products, safety standards, and developing a realistic budget. This will help them make well-informed choices and avoid impulsive purchases.”

Dr. Emily Johnson, a seasoned pediatrician

Second Trimester

The second trimester marks a significant milestone in pregnancy, as most women start feeling more energized and experience reduced morning sickness. This period is an opportune time to kickstart your baby shopping journey. Here’s what you can focus on:

1. Nursery Preparation:

Consider creating a cozy and functional nursery for your little one. Start by choosing a theme or color scheme, and selecting furniture such as a crib, changing table, and storage units.

Additionally, purchase essentials like a comfortable mattress, bedding, and curtains. Advises investing in a quality crib that meets safety standards.

2. Clothing and Layette Items:

Begin stocking up on baby clothes, including onesies, sleepers, socks, and hats. Remember to opt for soft, breathable fabrics and consider seasonal needs based on your due date.

3. Feeding Supplies:

If you plan to breastfeed, suggest investing in a quality breast pump during the second trimester. Additionally, consider purchasing bottles, nipples, nursing bras, and breast pads.

If you plan to formula feed, stock up on the necessary supplies such as bottles, formula, and sterilizing equipment.

Third Trimester

As the third trimester begins, the countdown to your baby’s arrival intensifies. This is the time to focus on the following aspects:

1. Diapers and Changing Essentials:

Stock up on diapers, wipes, diaper rash creams, and a changing pad. Recommends having a few different brands and sizes on hand to determine which ones work best for your baby’s skin.

2. Car Seat and Stroller:

Ensure that you have a suitable car seat and stroller before your baby arrives. Research safety ratings and choose models that align with your lifestyle.

3. Bathing and Hygiene Supplies:

Purchase baby shampoo, body wash, towels, washcloths, and a bathtub or infant bath support. Consider products specifically designed for infants to ensure their delicate skin is cared for appropriately.


Deciding when to start buying baby stuff can vary for different parents, but it’s important to strike a balance between being prepared and avoiding unnecessary stress.

Starting around the 15-20 week mark is generally recommended by experts. With careful planning and thoughtful purchases, you’ll be well-prepared to welcome your bundle of joy into the world.

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