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10 Best Sippy Cups for Baby of 2024


Sippy cups are an essential part of a baby’s transition from bottle or breast to independent drinking.

But with so many options on the market, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming.

To help you out, We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best sippy cups for your baby, catering to different ages, preferences, and drinking styles.


Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Sippy Cup
Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Sippy Cup
  • 360-degree drinking edge
  • Designed to be leak-proof and spill-proof
  • Has two easy-grip handles
NUK Learner Sippy Cup
NUK Learner Sippy Cup
  • The soft spout design
  • Leaping Bunny certified and PETA recognized
  • Comes with removable handles
Dr. Brown’s Milestones Baby’s Straw Cup
Dr. Brown’s Milestones Baby’s Straw Cup
  • Soft silicone weighted straw
  • Travel-friendly sliding lid
  • Has measurement markings

1. Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Sippy Cup

The Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup is a great all-around sippy cup that is suitable for babies 6 months and older.

It has a 360-degree spout that allows babies to drink from any angle, which is helpful for those who are still learning how to use a cup.

The cup is also leak-proof and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean.

What we like

  • 360-degree drinking edge
  • Cup automatically seals
  • Has two easy-grip handles

What we don’t like

  • Need to study how to use

2. NUK Learner Sippy Cup

The NUK Learner Sippy Cup is a soft spout cup that is perfect for babies who are just starting to transition from bottle to cup.

The spout is gentle on gums and teeth, and the cup is easy for babies to hold. It is also leak-proof and dishwasher-safe.

What we like

  • The soft spout design
  • Designed to be leak-proof and spill-proof
  • Comes with removable handles

What we don’t like

  • The flow is a bit small

3. Dr. Brown’s Milestones Baby’s Straw Cup

This straw cup is designed specifically for babies 6 months and older who are transitioning from bottle to cup.

It features a soft, weighted straw that allows babies to drink from any angle, even when the cup is tipped upside down.

The cup also has easy-to-grip handles that are perfect for little hands. The cup is leak-proof and dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean.

What we like

  • Soft silicone weighted straw
  • Travel-friendly sliding lid
  • Has measurement markings

What we don’t like

  • The straw doesn’t come apart

4. GROSMIMI Magic Baby Sippy Cup

This sippy cup is made from PPSU, a BPA-free and Phthalate-free material that is resistant to odors and stains.

It has a leak-proof design and a rotating handle that can be protected when not in use.

The cup also comes with a soft silicone straw and can be used with or without the straw.

What we like

  • Cross-cut straw design
  • Rotatable handle
  • Made from PPSU material

What we don’t like

  • The cover isn’t attached to the bottle

5. POTATO Sippy Cups For Toddlers

The bottle’s design places a strong emphasis on ease and convenience.

The four-layer anti-seepage bottle cap guarantees a leak-free experience, even when inverted.

The addition of a gravity ball at the end of the straw allows babies to effortlessly drink water while lying down.

Moreover, the 180-degree foldable lid ensures a secure closure, eliminating concerns about the lid sliding down and potentially hitting the baby’s nose.

What we like

  • Has a 4-layer anti-seepage design
  • The gravity ball at the end
  • Comes in three colors

What we don’t like

  • Not easy to assemble

6. Philips AVENT Natural Trainer Sippy Cup

The cup’s innovative anti-colic valve takes center stage, efficiently reducing colic and discomfort by redirecting air away from the baby’s tummy.

One standout feature is the soft, flexible nipple that ensures milk flows only when the baby actively drinks.

The silicone spout provides an easy transition to a new drinking method while maintaining the familiar cup feel.

Plus, these handles can be added or removed based on your baby’s readiness.

What we like

  • Dual nipple and spout system
  • Anti-colic valve
  • Detachable handles

What we don’t like

  • The opening on the nipple is too big for baby

7. FDBTL Baby Soft Spout Sippy Cup

Crafted from high-quality materials with remarkable transparency, it boasts a BPA-free composition, ensuring the utmost safety for your little one.

The ability to sterilize the food-grade soft silicone spout at high temperatures ensures a health-conscious approach.

The inclusion of a spill-free lid makes it a practical on-the-go companion, fitting seamlessly into your bag.

The attractive appearance, coupled with cute patterns, adds a delightful touch, making it the perfect gift for your precious one.

The spout’s 45% wider construction provides a natural feel, while the ergonomic double handle, devoid of extra valves, ensures comfort without compromising safety.

What we like

  • The wide spout is angled at 45 degrees
  • The ergonomic handles
  • The cute pattern and stylish design

What we don’t like

  • Had a lot of components to clean and put together

8. Sippy Cup with Fliptop Straw

Made from a combination of durable PP and silicone, with a steel weighted ball.

The simple flip-top lid adds to the convenience, allowing for easy access to the straw while keeping it clean and hygienic.

Moreover, the cup is designed with practicality in mind. It is dishwasher safe, simplifying the cleaning process for busy parents.

However, it’s essential to note that the cup is not suitable for microwave use.

What we like

  • Weighted straw
  • flip-top lid
  • Steel weighted ball

What we don’t like

  • Not suitable for microwave use.

9. Mama Bear Silicone Sippy Cup

The BPA-free design of this innovative product ensures parents can confidently provide a safe drinking experience for their children.

The removable handles cater to the child’s preference, allowing for a personalized and comfortable grip.

The attached lid, designed to stay open during use, provides easy access to the straw while sipping.

Assembling and cleaning this product is a breeze, with the added bonus of a cleaning straw included.

What we like

  • Amazon Brand
  • Removable silicone straw
  • Removeable handles

What we don’t like

  • Top doesn’t open easily

10. MAM Baby Sippy Cup

What sets this MAM baby sippy cup apart is its thoughtful inclusion of non-slip handles.

The ergonomic shape is tailored for baby’s little hands, providing a comfortable grip for those tiny fingers still learning coordination.

The cups are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing, coming in a charming blue color that appeals to little boys.

The addition of a spill-proof protective dust cap ensures that the liquids inside remain pristine, shielding them from dust and dirt.

What we like

  • Spill-free extra-soft spout
  • Non-slip handles
  • Protective dust cap

What we don’t like

  • The top doesn’t open easily

Stages of Sippy Cup Use

4-6 months:

This is the early transition stage. Look for soft-spouted cups with handles and slow-flow valves to prevent choking.

6-12 months:

As your baby gets the hang of it, you can move to cups with harder spouts and faster flow rates.

12-18 months:

Introduce cups with straw options for independent drinking. 360-degree cups are also great at this stage, as they mimic regular cups.

18+ months:

Focus on cups that encourage open-cup drinking, like straw cups with lids or cup lids with removable spouts.

Additional Factors to Consider

While choosing the right cup is crucial, remember these additional factors:

  • Material: Choose BPA-free cups made from safe materials like silicone or stainless steel.
  • Ease of cleaning: Look for cups with removable parts that are dishwasher-safe.
  • Leak-proofness: This is important for on-the-go use and to avoid messy spills.
  • Handles: Handles help babies grip the cup securely.
  • Spout or straw: Some babies prefer spouts, while others prefer straws. Choose the option your baby seems to like best.
  • Fun factor: Choose a cup with a fun design or color to keep your baby interested.


With so many great options on the market, you’re sure to find the perfect sippy cup for your baby.

Don’t be afraid to try a few different cups before you find the perfect fit!

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