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bottles for tongue tied babies

12 Best Bottles for Tongue-Tied Babies of 2024


Tongue tie, a condition where the baby’s tongue’s movement is restricted, can make feeding difficult and uncomfortable.

But fear not! We have gathered 12 bottles specially designed for tongue-tied babies, helping you choose the most suitable option for your little one’s needs.


Comotomo Baby Bottle
Comotomo Baby Bottle
  • Adjustable height mattress support
  • Uses a standard size crib mattress
  • Easy to assemble
Nanobébé aby Bottle
Nanobébé aby Bottle
  • The 360° triple-vented nipple design
  • The bottle has a stable base
  • The bottle is available in a variety of colors
Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles
Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles
  • Anti-colic vent system
  • Breast-like nipple shape
  • Dishwasher safe

1. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Comotomo Baby Bottle

One of the key advantages of the Comotomo bottles is their ultra wide-neck design. This design allows for a more natural, breast-like latch, accommodating the limited mobility of a tongue-tied baby’s tongue.

For tongue-tied babies who struggle with excessive air intake during feeding, the dual anti-colic vents in the Comotomo bottles come to the rescue.

Moreover, the safe and hygienic 100% silicone construction of the Comotomo bottles ensures that tongue-tied babies are not exposed to harmful chemicals or toxins, providing added peace of mind for parents.

If you are searching for a feeding solution that promotes a comfortable and successful feeding experience for your little one with tongue-tie, the Comotomo baby bottles are a reliable and nurturing choice.

What we like

  • Designed to mimic breastfeeding
  • Ultra wide-neck design
  • Made of 100% safe hygienic silicone

What we don’t like

  • The bottles are a bit more expensive than some other brands.

2. Nanobébé aby Bottle

Nanobébé aby Bottle

The Nanobébé bottle’s naturally hygienic, extra-soft silicone nipple allows for easier and more comfortable latching.

Furthermore, the advanced 360° TRIPLE VENTED non-collapsible nipple design of the bottle plays a crucial role in helping tongue-tied babies feed comfortably.

In addition, the bottle’s stability with its secure base prevents tipping during feeding, allowing for a more controlled and comfortable feeding experience.

To sum up, the Nanobébé Baby Bottle’s soft and familiar feel, advanced anti-colic nipple design, and maximum stability make it an excellent choice for tongue-tied babies.

What we like

  • The 360° triple-vented nipple design
  • The bottle has a stable base
  • The bottle is available in a variety of colors

What we don’t like

  • The nipple is a bit softer than some other nipples

3. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles

With the Anti-Colic internal vent system, Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles provide a consistent flow rate that allows tongue-tied babies to feed at their own pace comfortably.

Furthermore, the vacuum-free feeding system of Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles closely resembles breastfeeding, making it easier for tongue-tied babies to adapt to bottle feeding.

As the baby grows, the bottle can adapt to their changing needs, allowing parents to remove the internal vent system when appropriate.

In summary, Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles provide an efficient and nurturing solution, promoting healthy feeding habits and supporting the overall well-being of tongue-tied infants.

What we like

  • Anti-colic vent system
  • Breast-like nipple shape
  • Dishwasher safe

What we don’t like

  • More parts to clean than other bottles.

4. Nanobébé aby Bottle

Philips AVENT Baby Bottle

The Philips AVENT Baby Bottle is not only an excellent choice for all babies but also particularly suitable for tongue-tied babies due to its unique design and features.

With the Philips AVENT Baby Bottle’s Natural Response nipple, these little ones can easily manage the flow of milk, just like during breastfeeding.

Furthermore, the bottle’s unique opening and tip design helps prevent overfeeding and discomfort, ensuring that the feeding process remains pleasant and easy for both the baby and the caregiver.

The inclusion of an anti-colic valve in the bottle is also beneficial for tongue-tied babies. The valve effectively reduces the intake of air during feeding, minimizing the risk of colic and digestive discomfort.

What we like

  • No-drip nipple design
  • Wide breast-shaped nipple
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

What we don’t like

  • The anti-colic valve can be difficult to clean

5. Tommee Tippee Baby Bottles

Tommee Tippee Baby Bottles

Tongue-tied can make breastfeeding challenging and may require alternate feeding methods, making the Tommee Tippee bottles a perfect solution.

The Tommee Tippee bottle’s nipple design encourages a natural latch, mimicking the breast’s feel and making it easier for the baby to latch on without confusion.

Moreover, the anti-colic valve in these bottles prevents the intake of excess air during feeding, reducing the risk of colic and providing much-needed relief to the baby.

For parents seeking an effective and nurturing feeding option for their tongue-tied babies, these bottles come highly recommended as a practical and reliable solution.

What we like

  • Breast-like nipple shape
  • 95% of moms would recommend
  • 100% leakproof

What we don’t like

  • The bottles need to be hand washed

6. NUK Simply Baby Bottle

NUK Simply Baby Bottle

The NUK Simply Baby Bottle proves to be an excellent choice, especially for tongue-tied babies, due to its thoughtful design and innovative features.

The key feature that makes the NUK Simply Baby Bottle suitable for tongue-tied babies lies in its extra-soft nipple and multiple nipple holes.

Furthermore, the slow-flow nipple equipped with three holes in the 4 oz bottle ensures that the baby can feed comfortably at their own pace, reducing the risk of choking or swallowing air.

Additionally, the anti-colic technology in this bottle helps to minimize air ingestion, reducing colic, gas, and spit-up, and providing greater comfort to tongue-tied babies throughout the feeding process.

What we like

  • Natural feed feel
  • Anti-colic Air System
  • Flexible nipple

What we don’t like

  • The bottle is only available in 4 oz and 8 oz sizes

7. Lansinoh Baby Bottles

Lansinoh Baby Bottles

The Lansinoh Baby Bottles with NaturalWave Nipples are not only an excellent choice for transitioning breastfed babies but also a highly suitable option for tongue-tied babies.

For tongue-tied babies, the NaturalWave Nipples allow them to use their innate breastfeeding instincts, promoting a more natural feeding process.

Moreover, the Lansinoh Baby Bottles’ air ventilation system feature minimizes air intake during feeding, thus reducing the potential causes of gas and colic.

Additionally, the Soft, flexible, and BPA-free silicone material of the NaturalWave Nipple is gentle on the baby’s delicate mouth, making it easier for tongue-tied babies to compress and latch onto the nipple comfortably.

What we like

  • Slow-flow nipple
  • Wide-neck bottle
  • BPA-free

What we don’t like

  • The nipples can be slow to release milk

8. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

The Lifefactory bottle’s soft and flexible texture of the nipple mimics the natural feel of a mother’s breast, promoting a smoother feeding experience.

The Lifefactory bottle’s silicone sleeve provides an excellent grip, allowing even the littlest hands to hold onto the bottle with ease.

Additionally, The Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle is entirely free of known toxins like BPA, phthalates, polycarbonates, and PVC, making it a worry-free choice for parents of tongue-tied babies.

The Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle proves to be exceptionally suitable for tongue-tied babies, addressing the unique feeding challenges they may face.

What we like

  • The entire product is made of non-toxic materials
  • The silicone sleeve provides a comfortable grip

What we don’t like

  • If the bottle is dropped or hit hard, it can break.

9. PopYum Baby Bottle

PopYum Baby Bottle

PopYum’s medium flow anti-colic nipples are thoughtfully designed to accommodate various feeding needs.

With the PopYum bottle, parents can effortlessly hold and operate the bottle with one hand while supporting their baby with the other.

Additionally, the isolation of breast milk or water in the bottom of the bottle until the PopYum buttons are pressed prevents any leakage or spillage.

In conclusion, the PopYum Baby Bottle is a thoughtful and practical choice for parents of tongue-tied babies.

What we like

  • Convenient to use with one hand
  • Stores formula and water separately
  • Fewer parts to clean

What we don’t like

  • Some users have reported that the nipple flow is too fast

10. Boon NURSH Baby Bottle

Boon NURSH Baby Bottle

The Boon NURSH Baby Bottle is exceptionally suitable for tongue-tied babies, providing a solution that addresses their specific feeding challenges.

The Boon NURSH Bottle’s 100% silicone pouch collapses as the baby drinks, allowing them to feed comfortably without the need for excessive sucking.

Moreover, the absence of straws, vents, or valves in the NURSH Bottle simplifies the feeding process for these babies.

In summary, by eliminating the need for complex sucking motions and providing a comfortable feeding experience, this bottle addresses the challenges faced by babies with tongue-tie.

What we like

  • Air-free feeding design
  • The 100% silicone pouch
  • Can be boiled, sterilized, microwaved

What we don’t like

  • May not be compatible with all breast pump brands

11. MAM Easy Start Baby Bottle

MAM Easy Start Baby Bottle

The MAM Easy Start Baby Bottle proves to be an ideal choice for tongue-tied babies, addressing their unique feeding challenges with utmost care and effectiveness.

Tongue-tied babies often struggle with creating a proper latch due to the limited movement of their tongues. The MAM Easy Start Baby Bottle’s elongated nipple shape plays a crucial role here.

Moreover, the anti-colic vented base of the MAM Easy Start Baby Bottle is particularly beneficial for tongue-tied babies, reducing the intake of air and minimizing the risk of colic symptoms.

Parents of tongue-tied babies can trust the thoughtful design of this bottle to ensure their little ones receive the nourishment they need with ease and contentment.

What we like

  • With a vented bottle base
  • Anti-slip texture
  • Self-sterilizing design

What we don’t like

  • The nipples can collapse

12. Nenesupply Baby Bottle

Nenesupply Baby Bottle

The wide-mouth and soft silicone nipple facilitate a more comfortable latch, reducing feeding difficulties for these infants.

The BPA-free PP and silicone construction ensures a safe and gentle feeding experience.

Moreover, the compatibility with popular breast pumps makes it a practical solution for mothers who need to express milk.

Overall, this product is a reliable and supportive option for parents navigating the challenges of feeding a tongue-tied baby.

What we like

  • Compatibility with popular breast pumps
  • Convert the bottles into storage bottles

What we don’t like

  • The bottles can be a bit bulky

Tips for Bottle Feeding Tongue Tied Babies

Here are some helpful tips to ensure a positive and comfortable feeding experience:

1. Hold the Baby in an Upright Position

Keeping the baby in an upright position during feeding can reduce the risk of milk flowing too quickly, which may lead to choking or discomfort.

2. Use Slow Flow Nipples

Opt for slow flow nipples, especially if the baby has difficulties with latching. Slow flow nipples allow for better control of milk intake, preventing overwhelming the baby and ensuring they can feed at a comfortable pace.

3. Burp the Baby Frequently

Tongue tied babies may swallow more air while feeding, leading to increased gassiness. Pausing to burp the baby at regular intervals can help release trapped air and alleviate any potential discomfort.

4. Experiment with Different Bottle Types

Not all babies respond the same way to bottle designs. Experiment with different bottle types and nipple shapes to find the one that works best for your baby’s feeding needs.

5. Be Patient and Supportive

Feeding a tongue tied baby might take longer than usual, so it’s crucial to remain patient and supportive throughout the process.


Investing in a high-quality bottle specifically designed for tongue-tied babies can make a world of difference for both you and your little one.

These bottles not only address feeding challenges but also provide comfort and support during an essential stage of their development.

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FAQs about the Best Bottles for Tongue Tied Babies:

Can tongue tie affect breastfeeding?

Yes, tongue ties can make breastfeeding challenging for both the baby and the mother.

How do I know if my baby is tongue tied?

If your baby has trouble latching onto the breast or bottle, experiences feeding difficulties, or is not gaining weight adequately, it might be an indication of tongue tie.

How can using the right bottle help a tongue tied baby?

Bottles with specialized nipples, designed to mimic breastfeeding, can provide a more natural latch and reduce the risk of nipple confusion.

Are there any other benefits to using specialized bottles for tongue tied babies?

Yes, specialized bottles can reduce the risk of colic, gas, and spit-up, promoting a more pleasant feeding experience for the baby and ensuring peace of mind for the parent.

Is it possible for a tongue tie to resolve on its own?

In mild cases, some tongue ties may resolve on their own as the baby grows.

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